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What are the classifications of graphite products? Will they affect the human body


  Graphite productsMany people will feel strange about such a product. Today, I want to share with you the relevant content. There are many kinds of graphite products, and they are also widely used, such as in metallurgy, machinery, electricity, chemical industry, textiles, national defense and other industrial fields. Next, let's see what kinds of graphite products are, and will they have an impact on the human body.

  1、 What are graphite products

Anything made of graphite is a graphite product. Common graphite products include:

  1. Graphite rod

Made of carbon, graphite and suitable adhesive, extruded, fired at 2200 ° C and coated with copper.

 2. Graphite block

That is, block graphite products are mainly used in metallurgical furnaces, resistance furnaces as furnace linings and conductive materials, or silicon carbide furnaces, graphitization furnaces and other fields. The main material of life pencil is the graphite block used.

  3. Graphite plate

Graphite plate is a kind of graphite material composed of metal core plate and flexible graphite coil. There are two types: punching type and adhesive type. It is an ideal sealing material with wide application range and excellent sealing performance.

  4. Graphite ring

Graphite ring is a kind of annular product molded into various sizes by flexible graphite belt or flexible graphite braided packing. It is used in compressors, pumps, valves, chemical equipment, equipment, etc., and is made of sealing mechanical rotating parts.


  5. Graphite ship

Graphite boat is a kind of graphite mould, which is a carrier at first. Raw materials and components that need to be formed or placed can be placed in graphite moulds and sintered at high temperatures. The main reason they are called graphite boats is that they are small boats. Graphite container.

  6. Graphite powder

Graphite powder is a kind of mineral powder, mainly composed of carbon, soft and dark gray. It has high temperature resistance and conductivity. It can be used as refractory, conductive material and anti-wear lubricating material.

 2、 Are graphite products harmful to human health?

Graphite is a kind of carbon in essence, and its main component is carbon. Generally speaking, most graphite products are non-toxic to human body, but graphite causes certain harm to graphite factory workers who often contact and handle graphite products.

The harm of graphite products comes from the processing process. Free graphite is easy to produce dust, which is small in diameter and easy to inhale. Inhalation of a large amount of graphite dust is easy to cause pneumoconiosis. People allergic to it may have allergic asthma and other respiratory symptoms, such as cough, asphyxia, shortness of breath, etc. It is an environment prone to dust. Workers working in these environments for a long time should pay special attention to the prevention of pneumoconiosis.