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Shenzhen Yehui Technology Co., Ltd. (providing special graphite raw material application and graphite industrial manufacturing solutions)
The company was established on March 7, 2005, located in building 2, shapuwei second industrial zone, Songgang town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Focus on the sales of graphite raw materials, graphite deep processing and manufacturing carbon enterprises. The products are applied to industrial electronics, automobiles, home appliances, molds, mechanical equipment, photovoltaic, semiconductor, non-ferrous metals, powder metallurgy and other related industries.
After years of rapid development, Yehui graphite has won the strong support and trust of friends from all walks of life. The company has a wide variety of graphite materials and is familiar with their applications. It has always been the agent of Japan Toyo graphite and China Sinosteel graphite materials in Guangdong Province. The company has more than 50 processing equipment, three-dimensional optical detector, roughness tester and other precision measuring equipment, many years of engineering and technical experience and excellent team in quality assurance, providing customers with high-quality quality assurance.
The company focuses on high quality, high efficiency, high service and cost control as its core competitiveness. While providing materials and processing services, we provide value-added services to customers through technical services, quality processes and business coordination capabilities closer to customers, so as to enhance customer value.
The main business of the company: Sales of imported and domestic graphite raw materials, 3D mobile phone vehicle mounted hot bending graphite mold, EDM graphite electrode processing, glass encapsulated sintered graphite mold, VC soaking heat pipe graphite fixture, graphite sagger crucible, etc.
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