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What are graphite products used for? What are the uses of graphite products


  Graphite productsThere are quite a lot of applications of, and the main purpose is to produce refractory materials. In the current market, the combination with the steel smelting industry has a great effect on the steel smelting industry. Of course, there are also other applications. Next, let's look at what graphite products are used for, and what are the uses of graphite products.

  1. As a mold and die

Carbon and graphite materials have small thermal expansion coefficient, excellent hardenability and heat resistance, and can be used as moulds for glassware, iron, nonferrous metals and rare metals. Graphite castings can be used directly or can only be slightly machined for castings with accurate dimensions and smooth surfaces, thus significantly saving metal.

  2. Used as wear-resistant and lubricating material

Graphite wear-resistant materials work in corrosive media at a temperature of - 200 to 2000 ° C, and run at a very high sliding speed (up to 100 m/s) without lubrication. Therefore, they are usually corrosive transport media piston rings and seal ring bearings graphite materials are widely used in compressors and pumps without lubrication.

  3. Used as refractory

Due to the high temperature resistance, excellent high temperature strength and corrosion resistance of carbon and graphite products, many metallurgical furnace linings can be built with carbon blocks, such as furnace bottom, steel making furnace and hearth, ferroalloy furnace lining and carbide furnace lining. The bottom and side of aluminum electrolytic cell. Many crucibles used for smelting precious and rare metals, melting quartz glass and other graphite crucibles are also made of graphite. Carbon and graphite products should not be used as refractories in an oxidizing atmosphere because carbon or graphite will evaporate rapidly at high temperatures in an oxidizing atmosphere.


 4. Used as conductive material

Carbon and graphite products are widely used as conductive materials in motor manufacturing, such as slip rings and brushes. It is also used as a carbon rod for dry batteries and searchlights, an arc carbon rod for generating arc light, and an anode for mercury rectifiers.

  5. Used as corrosion resistant structural material

After impregnated with organic or inorganic resin, graphite electrode has good corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity and low permeability. This impregnated graphite, also known as impermeable graphite, is widely used in petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, hydrometallurgy, acid and alkali manufacturing, synthetic fiber, paper making and other industrial fields. It can save a lot of metal materials such as stainless steel. The production of impermeable graphite has become an important sector of carbon industry.

 6. As pyrometallurgical and ultrapure materials

The crystal growth crucible, regional refining vessel, support, fixture, induction heating equipment and other structural materials used in production are all treated with high-purity graphite materials. Vacuum smelting adopts graphite insulation plate and base, and high-temperature furnace tubes, bars, plates, grids and other parts are also made of graphite materials.

  7. Use of Graphite in Nuclear Industry and Military IndustryBecause of its excellent neutron moderating performance, graphite reactor has been used as a moderating material for nuclear reactors for a long time. Graphite reactor is one of the most popular reactors.

Based on the above, it is believed that many people also have a general understanding of the use of graphite products, such as refractory materials, conductive materials, pyrometallurgy and ultrapure materials,