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In the processing of high-purity graphite, purification methods can be divided into two categories


  High purity graphiteIf you are not in this field, you will feel very strange. One thing is that there is graphite. It is a pencil that we often used when we were children. The refill in the pencil contains graphite. Besides, high-purity graphite can be used not only for pencils, but also for carbon brushes in the electrical industry, catalysts in the fertilizer industry, etc. Next, look at the high-purity graphite processing process. The purification methods can be divided into two categories.

High purity graphite, high compressive strength. High reliability, high density and uniform structure, heat resistance and good conductivity of high relative density and high purity organic chemicals. Good wear resistance, good wettability, easy to manufacture and process, etc. characteristic. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical plants, aerospace, electronics, mechanical equipment, nuclear power and manufacturing industries. In other industries, it is a kind of high-purity, high-quality graphite as an alternative raw material. It has broad indoor application fields and broad application prospects in high-tech industries.

The purification methods of high-purity graphite for graphite processing can be divided into two categories. One method is wet refining and purification, strong acid and strong base hydrochloric acid method, and the other method is fire purification, isopropyl titanate combustion method, high temperature method, etc.


High purity lithographic ink is widely used in fire-resistant insulation and excellent industrial building coatings. Flame retardant in the protection industry, pencil lead in the light industry, carbon brush motor in the power industry, electrical grade in the battery industry, chemical fertilizer, industrial production of organic metal catalyst preservatives and other high-purity graphite sealing moisture emulsion and other high-purity graphite rubber and polymer materials, graphite products, high-purity graphite wear-resistant preservatives, etc. have become important non-metallic mineral raw materials in various manufacturing industries.

High purity graphite is a high quality refractory insulation material and building coating with 99.99% carbon content, commonly used in the steel industry.

It is also called high-purity graphite phosphorus high heat transfer carbon powder. Ideal toner with high compressive strength. It has excellent thermal shock resistance, heat resistance and oxidation resistance. Low resistance index, corrosion resistance, easy precision machining and other characteristics of carbon raw materials are used to produce electric heating materials. Manufacturing of high purity metal materials by casting mould Melting of high purity graphite mould for single crystal furnace Electric heating spark discharge sintering Tube anodizing, metal material coating Semiconductor material processing process using graphite crucible. High purity graphite tube, anodized aluminum thyristor, mercury arc, grid, etc

High purity graphite has fine lamellar crystals, thin, tough and excellent physical and chemical properties. It has excellent heat transfer, heat resistance, self wetting, conductivity, thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

Based on the above contents, it can be seen that the purification methods of high-purity graphite can be divided into two categories, namely, wet purification and fire purification.