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Sinosteel graphite rx920
  • Sinosteel graphite rx920
Sinosteel graphite rx920

Sinosteel graphite rx-920:Widely used in plastic, die casting, forging and other mold industries.

EDM electrode has the advantages of fast discharge speed, low loss, low cost, many ribs, one molding and one discharge, and the discharge time is reduced to 40% of the original.


Rx-920: physical characteristics

Density: 1.85g/cm3

Particle size: 8 μ M

Hardness (Shore): 65

Specific resistivity: 12 μ Ω·m

Flexural strength (MPA): 55.0

Compressive strength (MPA): 110

Tensile strength (MPA): 37.0

Elastic modulus (GPA) 10.8

Thermal expansion coefficient: 10-6 / ℃ 4.8

Thermal conductivity w / (m · K) 140