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What should be paid attention to when using graphite crucible


Each product has its own rules of use, or instructions, such as environment, quantity, time, etc. Some of these instructions for many products are to be shared todayGraphite crucibleFor the use of graphite crucible, what problems should be paid attention to?

Graphite crucibles are widely used in metallurgy, casting, machinery, chemical industry and other industries. Graphite crucibles are roughly divided into natural graphite crucibles, artificial graphite crucibles and high-purity graphite crucibles.

1. Graphite crucibles are easier to wet. After wetting, the product will become soft and deformed due to some impactors. When water enters the graphite crucible, it will affect the raw materials it contains, cause dilution of raw materials, and some chemical reactions will further affect the quality, so waterproof measures should be taken.

2. Although the graphite crucible is of good quality, it is not easy to be damaged. Please handle it with care. Falling from height and collision have little impact on the quality of graphite crucible, but cracks will appear for a long time. There is no way to improve this phenomenon, but you will need to replace it again.


3. Do not heat the graphite crucible with an open flame. It has no good thermal conductivity, so it is meaningless to heat from above. It is unsightly to smoke or catch fire or blacken from below. The high-purity graphite crucible has excellent thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance. Therefore, when used at high temperatures, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, and it has certain deformation resistance and acid and alkali resistance for rapid heating and cooling. It has strong corrosion resistance. Solvent. Good chemical stability. Graphite crucibles are widely used, mainly for smelting various non-ferrous metals, medium carbon steel and rare metals such as silver, aluminum, lead, copper and zinc. The graphite crucible has stable quality, long service life, greatly reduces fuel consumption, reduces labor intensity, improves labor intensity, and produces better economic benefits.

The natural graphite crucible is made of flake graphite by kneading. It is mainly used in industries with low working temperature, low technology content, low cost and short service life.

The artificial graphite crucible is made from petroleum coke and asphalt through roasting, graphitization, mechanical processing and other processes. It is mainly used in industries with high temperature, complex use environment and high technical requirements, with moderate cost and relatively long service life. The high-purity graphite crucible is mainly used for smelting precious metals. It is used for e.g., and the cost is very high.

Based on the above contents, we know various precautions for using graphite crucible. In order to better use the graphite crucible, it is necessary to see clearly the instructions for use.