Graphite raw materials
Toyo graphite ttk-4
  • Toyo graphite ttk-4
Toyo graphite ttk-4

Toyo graphite ttk-4:Applied to the horn net electrode, the surface of the TV horn net mold has high requirements for spark lines, small electrode loss, fine and uniform processed surface, and clear edges and corners. Mobile phone mold electrode for specific surface spark pattern requirements, with long mold mass production life and surface pattern ch22.


Ttk-4: physical characteristics

Density: 1.78g/cm3

Particle size: 4 μ M

Hardness (Shore): 80

Specific resistivity: 14 μ Ω·m

Flexural strength (MPA): 73.0

Compressive strength (MPA): 135

Tensile strength (MPA): 49.0

Elastic modulus (GPA) 10.8

Thermal expansion coefficient: 10-6 / ℃ 5.0

Thermal conductivity w / (m · K) 90